Holiday Retirement

Our Mo-ment to Make a Difference

At Holiday Retirement, we are committed to helping more men live happier, healthier, longer lives. Just ask the more than 15,000 men who call one of our 261 independent senior living communities home. That is why we are proud to work with Movember to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention.

Together with Movember, we are out to make health a priority for men of all ages, including senior men.

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Grow Big or Go Home

Our residents are real guy's guys. After all, you don't grow a #SilverStache without having learned a thing or two along the way. Check out our residents' best advice for being a better man, living healthier and finding longevity.

Martha, Mo Sister

The Gardens at Arkanshire, A Holiday Retirement Community

"Leave the table before dessert!"

"Mind your own business, you can't be happy if you are worrying about other people."

"Trust in the Lord, eat your green beans and bypass the bacon."

WC, Mo Bro

The Gardens at Arkanshire, A Holiday Retirement Community

"My secret to happiness is a couple of things: the first is to end up with a spouse you enjoy being with and that's your friend. After 50 years, I certainly found that one. The second thing is that you need to forgive all the people that hurt your life and try to do as much for everyone else as possible and you'll feel so much better giving than when you're receiving.”

Betty & Marg, Mo Sisters

The Gardens at Arkanshire, A Holiday Retirement Community

"My elementary teacher told me "Live daily for each day!"
— Betty

"Eat your fruits and veggies!"
— Marg

Ed, Mo Bro

Hidden Lakes, A Holiday Retirement Community

"Walk 7500 steps every day"

Dr. Sara Kyle

Men's Health Matters

By Dr. Sara Kyle, Director of Resident Experience, Holiday Retirement

As people working with a shared mission to help older adults live healthier, longer lives, we see evidence of the longevity gap every day. Put simply, the longevity gap is the vast difference in life expectancy for men and women. Decade after decade, people are living longer these days. But according to the Harvard Men's Health Watch, women continue to live longer than men.

In 2017, the longevity gap between men and women was 5 years.

At age 65, for every 100 American women, there are only 77 men.

At age 85, the disparity increases, with women outnumbering men by

2.6 to 1

When we began working with Movember, we were stunned to discover that 65+ was the hardest to reach demographic with the lowest participation. That was the moment we knew we could make an impact. We believe the strongest partnerships benefit all generations. We want this experience to be the first step toward establishing our communities as a place young men can visit to learn about living longer, healthier lives from older men with decades of wisdom to impart.

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